Therapy Provided

People who have experienced traumatic events in their past can find that those experiences interfere with their quality of life. Counseling helps these individuals to reexamine their past experiences and to understand them from another perspective that doesn’t lead to their present difficulty. Sometimes the challenges people face, whether they be as a result of major life change, conflict in a relationship, or a past traumatic experience, can lead to depression and/or anxiety that is 
Marge is known for her compassionate style of counseling as well as for being direct and helping clients to identify self defeating thoughts and behaviors. She uses various styles of therapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is often the approach that is used in this practice to help people to see their lives from another vantage point. CBT involves using techniques that help people to become aware of negative and inaccurate ways of perceiving their situations, and helps them question difficult situations to be able to see them more clearly. This approach helps people find more effective ways of responding to their situations. Interpersonal Therapy is used to assist clients in communicating with and relating to others more effectively.  This type of therapy oftentimes includes couples or marital therapy or having another person (a spouse, partner, or child) come to the counseling sessions with them.

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The mental health services are provided for people from all walks of life and with a wide range of issues. Marge’s clients range in age from 12 years old to the end of life. Since each person in a family is affected by the other members of the family, a person’s treatment may include individual, couples, or marital therapy.

Marge Clark, LISW
Licensed Independent Social Worker
significant enough to impair their ability carry out responsibilities at home or at work.  When this is the case the underlying cause of the depression is treated as well as the symptoms.